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Journal Print

This program is now capable of printing multiple journals from multiple months at the same time.

Software Updates

It is now possible to send out program updates via FTP as well as rcp and uucp.  This was allowed since rcp and uucp are no longer easily available on latest Red Hat versions.

Bibtread Tag Orders

If a tag invoice is only partially updated in a future month, credits are prevented until full update is done after month end to prevent serial Number issues.

Document Electronic Filing

Changes have been made such that if a document is printed to a preprinted laser form, and electronic version can be generated as a next document, incorporating a logo file matching the form.

Exportable Invoice Register

A new version of the invoice register is available that is exportable to Excel or other programs.

Efile view options

New options have been added to control the automatic viewing of efiled documents.

Efiled A/R Statements

The A/R inquiry has been modified to provide efile links to any A/R statement for which there are still open items on the account.


Weldpak Cylinder Inquiry

This program now shows details in reverse date sequence. Many customers with large amounts of history will now be more easily viewable.

Thoroughbred Basic

Many changes have been made for compatabilty with Thoroughbred Software latest version of Basic 8.80.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (V6)

Many changes have been made for compatabilty with Red Hat's Operating Sytem.

Bar Codes and Cross References

It is now possible to update product bar code and other cross reference info while posting inventory in both the inventory posting programs and the Purchase Order programs.

On Line Banking

A new feature in Accounts Payable allows selection of invoices already paid by on line banking and updating with non numeric cheque numbers.

AP ATB from history

A new option has been added to only report those history open items that are not in balance (ie: fully paid).

Weldpak Cylinder Serial Numbers

Additional programs have been changed for cylinders being contolled by serial number.

MARCH 2015


Inquiry and Stock status report now include Last Overall sale or order regardless of branch.

Data Imports

The standard data import program now handles bracket numbers as credits.

Browser Output Help Documentation

The help display program now also can display help in a browser when selecting multiple help documents, such as from menu help for an entire menu.

AP inquiry from history

This inquiry now shows transactions in reverse date sequence, making it easier to view more recent transactions.

A/R Month End

A new month end check has been added to ensure that the A/R subledger balances matches the GL balance for the A/R account(s).

A/R Inquiry

If a customer once received summary invoices, but no longer does, the older summary invoices will now still be identified.

APRIL 2015

Month End

A new month end check has been added to ensure that ALL the subledger accounts being controlled balance to their corresponding GL accounts.

Calculated Price Updating

Options have been added to round calculated prices.

A/R Inquiry

The A/R inquiry has been modified to include customer email addresses.

Fuel Surcharges

If surcharges are used, and option has been added to skip charging on back orders.

MAY 2015

Commission Reporting

A new option has been added to select partially paid invoices for inclusion on this report.

Markup Pricing

A new option has been added to identify the BUY Price as being in a different currency, and when markup pricing is calculated based on buy price, the exchange rate will be used to convert the buy price to local currency before applying the markup.

Browser messages

A new feature has been added to display certain warnings, as well as software announcements in a browser, as opposed to in the emulator window.

Data Exports

Export programs have been modified to use a consistent user directory in the server exports directory.


July 2015 changes have been made to payroll tables.


JUNE 2015

Weldpak Leases

A new option has been added to apply leases by Cylinder rather than all Cylinders within a Gas Group.

Month End closing

When closing the month, a new feature has been added to compare all Sub Ledger balances with their corresponding GL Account(s), and if not in balance, prevent the month end from proceeding.

File Expansion

When a file needs expanding the user will now be notified as to which other users have that file open, preventing it from being expanded.

File Too Large

A change has been made, such that if a file exceeds the maximum size allowed by Thoroughbred Basic, it will be reported as a flie too large, rather than a locked file.

Sales Report Enhancements

The sales report by Product within customer has been enhanced to allow selection by A/R Customer number.

 Immediate Print Option

When creating orders or credits from other documents, the user creating it will now be allowed to print it immediately, as is done with manual documents.

File Maintenance Search
When doing a record search on a field that is part of the file key, an option is now available to search the current file for that portion of the key, rather than it's usual lookup file.  For example, when searching for a customer within the contract price file, you can search for all incidences of that customer in the price file, rather than searching the customer file.

Cash Sale Type Entry

A change has been made, so that when entering orders for cash sale accounts, the type of cash sale is not yet entered, as it may not yet be known how the customer will pay.  That type code will be mandatory when the order is invoiced.

Fiscal Year Change

New programs have been written to facilitate the change of fiscal year for a company.  This is done by copying all data from to a new company and converting the fiscal periods at the same time.

Purchase Order Entry

An option has always been available to crete a PO from a customer order.  It is now also possible to creat a PO from an invoice, rather than an order.

JULY  and AUGUST 2015

Warranty Items

When processing warranty items, the product number and serial number for which the warranty applies will be entered on confirming the order and/or creating the invoice.

Customer List by Delivery Route

This new report has been added.

Customer Product Sales Ranking report

An option has been added to rank sales on this report by Vendor.

Discount Decimal Places

Support for 2 decimal discount rates has been improved.

Contract Price File

When processing this file in File maintenace, product Buy Price and Unit Cost will be displayed.

Product Sales History Inquiry

This inquiry will now display product descriptions from previous sales when they do not match the current description.  This is useful for reviewing sales of Miscellaneous catch all product codes.

Customer Discounts by Sales Value

The file containg thesediscount rates, has been modified to include a 2nd discount for a higher sales value.


Contract Price %age updates Calculation

This program has been modified to include an option to update prices for a selected Vendor only.

Cash Posting

This program has been modified to allow posting of cash for unupdated invoices.

NAS backups

The program monitoring PC backups has had improvements to allow NAS as well as server backups. As well changes have been made to accomodate Red Hat Linux.

Mattress Manufacturing

New tables have been added for various mattress charateristics.


Price/Discount Overrides

A new report has been added to report from history any price and discount overrides done for a specified period.

Automatic Program Updates

It is now possible to automatically convert from old to new versions of business basic for all mods sent to a Red Hat based system.

Document Print System

The Document print programs can now be much larger on systems running the version 8 Basic.

Sales by Postal Code

A new report has been added to report sales summarized by the first 3 characters of the postal code.


Standard Entries

The program generating standard entries to the General Ledger now also prints a report listing the entries generated.  Previously that was done by printing GL entries separately from Journals

Weldpak Lease Reporting

Cylinder renewal rates are now shown on the lease report.

Michelin Bibtread New

Support has been added to integrate Michelin's new cloud based Bibtread system, including the upload and download of transaction files, and changes to the existing programs to accomodate changes  in  the new system.



On Line Trading Imports

Support has been added for new online software provided by TD Waterhouse and CI Financial re data imports and Stock Cross Reference tables.


Tax tables have been updated for 2016 changes.

Emailing of Invoices

An option has been added to allow mailing invoices individually instead of including multiple invoices in the same email.