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Record Key Changes Program

Built into our software is the ability to re-assign and/or merge records within the system.  This can be done on any data file being used.  For example, in situations where duplicate record are set up in a file (for example 2 records for same customer, or product), those records can be merged together, and all tables and history referring to the original record will be changed to the new one specified.

Moving  Invoice History between Accounts

Invoices may have been produced for customers under a Miscellaneous or Cash Sales account previous to an account being established.  It may be desirable to move those invoices to the new account after the fact.  To do this , run the key change procedure against the customer file, using the "In Conjunction With" option, specifying the value INVOICE #.  This will move only selected invoices from the original account, to the new one.

Quick File Maintenance Program

Quick file maintenance is a tool that can be used to rapidly change a single or multiple fields within all or selected records in a file.  It can also be used to build a quick on screen inquiry.

A common use may be to change a field for all records that meet a certain condition to a new value.  For example, say you want to change a supplier code within your inventory.

You simply enter the program from inventory file maintenance, select change mode, and use the message rule
[VENDOR NO]="OLDONE" (padding the old code to full six characters withing the quotes). When the first record is found, change the Vendor to the new value.  Now use [F8] to change all subsequent records to the new value.