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TD Bank and CIX import formats

Both the TD bank and CI Investments have upgraded their websites, and changed their export formats.  Our import programs have been changed accordingly.

Bibtread New

Development continues on the changes required to interface the new Michelin cloud based software.

Order Tracking
Changes have been made to allow scanned or typed tracking numbers to be assigned to shipped orders.

Locked Record

Changes have been made to more easily identify the users who have inadvertantly left file records locked.


General Ledger Trial Balance

Changes have been made to the trial balance format that forecasts month and year end balance.  A new account type definition re annual postings has been added

Bibtread New

Further changes have been made re scrapped tires.  As well if a tire has been produced for a work order, but not yet invoiced, it can not be sold on another order.

AR and AP History Exports and reports

Changes have been made to ensure that if history was cleared leaving items open - those will be skipped.

Sales Report

Salesman/Vendor sort option has been added to report originally by customer and product.

Tire Dealer Report

Branch sort option has been added.

Order/Invoice Imports from Excel

Order/Invoice entry has been modified to allow imports from a spreadsheet generated text file.


MARCH 2016

Locked Record

Changes have been made to accomodate Basic version 8 auto expand files.

EDI Translation

The Jedron EDI system no longer needs a separate translator (ie: EDS ASSET) to translate outgoing 810 invoices, and incomming 997 acknowledgements.  In addition, ftp transfers can now be done directly from a server to a partner server.

Weldpak Lease Application

An option has been added to allow Weldpak cylinder leases to be applied against daily rentals.

Customer Exports

A new program has been created to do a full export of all files/fields pertaining to the customer master record.


An option has been added to reverse process a bibtread file.  Used to handle situations where a bibtread bug generates a bad file.


A/R Comments

A password option has been added allowing a user to override another user's A/R comments.

Backup Monitoring

The backup monitoring program has been changed to also use image backups as the latest backup.

GST/HST Reports

An option has been added to report a single customer only.

EDI Communications

SFTP communications has been added as well as existing ftp.

MAY 2016

Web Store

Programs have been added to export data to an external Web Store.

Inventory Posting

Changes have been made to handle other sub-ledgers than accruals in GL updates for inventory posting.

Bibtread New

Changes have been made to accomodate different way of handling Casing Credits in the new cloud version of Bibtread.  Also allow for Work Order numbers greater than 6 digits in length.

Programs have been added to export data to

Commission Splits

Commission reports that did not previously accomodate commission splitting have been modifed to do so.

Ipad Support

Basic 8 terminal tables have been changed to include Ipad support.